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On his back a now grown hobbit, wielding a spear, fights to protect his home. Hobbits have a defense mechanism that takes effect when they grow weak and cold. Unfortunately all of his attempts seem to fail hard. Avengers tower is completed and the team hasn't seen Thor since Manhattan, so when he shows up with a severely injured Loki it comes as quite the shock. Clint and Natasha alternately serious and childish. Tony realizes that Loki is being controlled by the staff the Chitauri gave him. Dean catches Sam at a vulnerable moment and reflects on family. Dean and Castiel may not have been getting along all that well as of late, but when the fighting in Heaven goes bad and Cas asks for help Dean can't say no.

Bilbo struggles with eating drastically less than this while on the journey to Erebor and at the same time does not wish to show his weakness. Bilbo uses his ring at the Battle of the Five Armies to protect Thorin and his nephews, but he gets severely injured in the process. So the dwarves decide to show him, how much he belongs to the group. Set near the end of S6: Castiel arrives at Dean's call & collapses without explanation. The Yule Ball did not go well, so Dobby decides to use ancient elf magic to create another Christmastide ball for Harry and his friends. COMPLETE After being turned into a snake and unable to change back, Lord Voldemort is forced to turn to the only other living Parselmouth, Harry Potter. After Loki, they all sleep, only because he doesn't sleep at all. A Malfoy is never cute, and…and…" "Oh, I beg to differ." Potter smiled. After coming back from nearly an all-night mission and almost no sleep, all Clint wants is some breakfast. Clint Barton has a fear of dolls, clowns, and snakes. As this is not an option, they'll just have to get along. A certain angel comes to help, but it turns out to be so much more. Destiel, 'cuz i will go down with this friggin ship people.c Sam is hurt, Dean is devastated that he can't help him and Castiel comforts Dean. Warnings/Spoilers for Dream a Little Dream of Me, tag to DALDOM. Enter Harry Potter, who is going to change the world. Hermione finds herself wondering who the true Severus Snape is. Content warning: Much technicolor yawning and spewing of bodily fluids. But when Ex-Death Eater Draco Malfoy comes out as gay, everyone bashes him. -being redone, working on the rest, don't hate me-When Hermione manages to get Harry to learn another language with her, the only perk he sees is that he can at least insult Malfoy in front of some professors. She explores in her animagus form, but is shocked when Snape asks her to become his familiar. Castiel Novak is a renowned hunter and devout Christian. One drowsy August evening, a dwarven king wanders into the Shire and knocks on a familiar green door. Dean isn't stupid, he knows Sam isn't there for him anymore. Got this idea when I was in my pool freezing my own ass off. Lots of cuteness and humour with the de-aged angels. What happens when you put three hunters, three angels and a bunch of angelic familiars in the same house for a holiday? "I knew you for a few bleak months and thirty years later I wake up wishing that you were beside me. God," Harry said, banging his head against the cabinet above the stove. We have a lot to talk about." There's a surprise waiting for Steve at Stark Tower. Thorin does not sleep during his night spent in the Shire, instead he contemplates past, present, and future while watching over someone else. When Castiel became human, he knew that he had to adjust to many things. Dean decides to surprise his brother with a new phone. As much as he'd like to believe it he's with Ruby now. I just love it when Dean suffers in one way or another, and I had to write this with a touch of caring! They worry about things like losing their luggage, catching a cab or something similar. Vernon signs Harry's permission slip for Hogsmeade trips in exchange for Harry leaving Privet Drive for the rest of the summer. What he found distressed him immensely and he made a few suggestions to Harry that will have long lasting implications. Mc Gonagall's inter-house unity nights bring Harry and Draco closer than they ever would have thought possible. Muggle games, broom cupboards, fluff, humour, smut. An uneasy peace exists between the human camps and the supernatural beings they share the world with. Dean and Sam get a shock when they find Castiel outside their motel room as a toddler, immediately suspecting foulplay. Humanity and the supernatural live an uneasy truce. John Winchester went too far to get information on the YED; torturing a merman. A little Winchester h/c gapfiller for "The New Boss" smashed between the opening sequence and Dean fixing the car. Dean, revived Gabriel, not so soulless Sam and a couple OC angels with a purpose. Human AU, Dean's life is about as normal as can be, he has his job and his brother and is perfectly happy. Gordon"Sometimes, he would catch himself staring at it in the mirror. Erik's capture by the human governments leads to an unexpected rebuilding of his and Charles's relationship. Severus is not able to walk away when he sees Harry having a nightmare. Cue an excited, horny Erik expecting sex when he visits the actual innocent/unsuspecting Charles in his bedroom. Anyone else think that you can't get thrown into a wall hit on the head with a skillet, beaten and tortured with an iron poker without consequences? Dean is honourably discharge after becoming a POW and being tortured for information, leaving him emotionally destroyed and physically warped. Hogwarts 8th year fic, EWEVoldemort and a few of his Death Eaters arrive at Harry’s house a bit after his birthday. When Harry finds Draco crying in the bathroom, he comforts Draco instead of attacking him. Hunters are the keepers of the peace but most don't care, they want to find Sanctuary. For some reason, the tiny boy won't go near Sam, and Dean becomes his soul comfort. That is until Dean, a bartender in a small Midwestern town, runs into something even he didn't think was real: an angel, and is brought into a fight between Heaven, Hell, a Nephilim and her father. Will Sam and Bobby be able to help the poor merman? Harry with his never ending Hero-Complex, can't help but rescue a 2000 year old vampire about to commit suicide in the morning sun in downtown Dallas, Texas. Sam couldn't stop Dean from going to hell but that's okay because he's back now, even if he isn't quite himself anymore. No pairings or slash but plenty of brotherly bonding. Then Cas, a blind pianist, enters his life and everything gets turned upside down. It pulsed and felt warm under his gaze." The three times someone touched Dean's scar. Sam buys a new 4NG3L series Apple Robot to keep Dean sane. Sam Set S1: Dean can't seem to get over what Sam did to him at Roosevelt, and his inability to forgive places his little brother in jeopardy. After the Order lock him up Harry flees to the father where they both may get a second chance. Due to an assignment Hary learns he has more family alive than he thinks. What if John hadn't disappeared and Jess din't die that day? Michelle Grey is Mer's twin who is just as damaged by their mother's antics as her dark & twisty sister, she just shows it differently. Reviews are Love The adventure doesn't end after the Battle of Five Armies. Petunia dies and the Dursley's flee Privet Drive along with Harry. And how will his housemates react to Harry's pet snake? What if something happened to Dean while Sam was at college? MPREG Now rated MInstead of being sent to the Dursley's, Sirius took care of Harry in Forks Washington. Loki has been injured during a battle in which he fought alongside the Avengers. Between Tony and Bruce a cure is found, and a truth is uncovered. How will they react to suddenly being asked to care for him? Taking care of Meredith is her main concern, but when Mark Sloan shows up at Seattle Grace, her attentions are diverted. Bilbo lingers in Erebor while Thorin recovers from his wounds, and soon finds himself caught up in politics, romance, and the occasional kidnapping. They end up hiding in an unexpected place when the Hogwarts letter arrives. What if he became something that even hunters thought was a myth. As they are about to attack, the Savior of the Wizarding World has a surprise for them, and mostly for a certain blond. And what's going on with Jacob and his friends on the Reservation? This change of heart may lead the two young men down a path they had never dreamed of. The only place were the species are said to truly... It is how i percieved the moments between Erik and Charles. But its slash and its a fun read and multi-chap., so. The consequences however are far more reaching then he could ever imagine. His father and friends recognize it, but cannot help. Then he meets a meek but powerful boy named Sam and everything changes. All he wants is to find Sam but when he does will Sam still be there? Co-written with Susangel."Sirius wondered why he hadn't tossed Severus out of his home when he was given a clean bill of health. And the fourth time he finally found what he was looking for. X-Men First Class fic: Charles is exhausted and his head is pounding. Seven years after the Second Wizarding War, Severus Snape is found alive. Disoriented and damaged, after seven years of torture at the hands of Death Eaters, Severus finds refuge in Harry Potter's home. Sequal to my other story 'Of Lions And Lambs - part 1' funnily enought lol. With a whiff of Amortentia, their new path is set in stone. SSHPGGYoung Harry liked numbers, he liked using numbers and working out the value of things. Young Harry Potter struggles to make his parents proud after being born a shameful squib. SLASH Godric/Harry : DThe young men quickly learned to avoid the snarky wizard sitting at table seventeen. After a hunt Sam, Dean and Castiel head to a motel, where Castiel is having problems sleeping. The war in Heaven becomes more personal for the Winchesters when Castiel's grace is stolen and leaves him fighting for his life. He knew the answer of course: he was as curious as a damned cat and ol' Snivellus was revealing himself to be quite the riddle. In a Reserve made to study supernatural creatures, a hierarchy has been built where the most dominant creature claims a submissive one as their mate. So, what will Arthur do when his servant lies at the foot of the staircase, his smile wiped from his face from tripping over that top step and then tumbling to the bottom? Dean's family is killed by a demon and is trained as a hunter. He just needs a moment to himself, but it gets harder and harder as the day goes on. side Alex/Hank, unrequited Hank/Raven Dean has been missing for two months, making Sam worried to death. We know online dating can be frustrating, so we built our site with one goal in mind: Make online dating free, easy, and fun for everyone.Finding a date with Mingle2 has never been simpler.Soon Thorin grows very jelaous and starts courting Bilbo, who is unaware. Soon it's clear that Raphael has tried to kill Cass and now Dean, Sam & Bobby are in a race to save him. Cas-Dean/Cas Friendship-could be pre Destiel if you squint Bilbo Baggins knew the braiding of hair and beards between dwarves was a loving gesture, whether family or lovers. But elf magic is a dangerous thing - you may get exactly what you wish for. Fili and Kili out Bilbo as a virgin embarrassing him in front of the other dwarves. After making a deal, Harry agrees to help the Dark Lord return to his human form. Or, five nights the team slept well, and the one night they returned the favor to the Hawk that guarded them all. When an explosion in the lab sets several snakes loose, the team realizes how deep-seated those fears are. Lord Potter has entered the political arena well-trained, knowledgeable, savvy, and counting amongst his arsenal a host of powerful secrets about various members of the magickal world. Dean was saved from the house fire by something very unusual, now their best friend and stay close together whenever John leaves on a hunt. Harry comes to Malfoy Manor to do some inventory of the legendary dark magic collection inside of it's hallowed walls, but he's distracted by the manor's master who is interested in different things than inventory. Dean hasn't even started dealing with interrogating Alastair and everything that came after when Castiel contacts him with what he says is important information. Shaw captures Charles to lure Erik to him, subjecting Charles to his casual brutality in an attempt to convince Erik to switch sides, but it backfires somewhat. Even though the life he was raised in and lives out has screwed him to the point of no return, he still manages to love. This is the first actual meal Bilbo has had this entire journey, so when Beorn told him to eat as much as he pleased, he did exactly that. Bilbo wants to try it out to see if a certain dwarf king returns his feelings. SLASH HP/LVTMRNormal people didn't have to worry about this sort of thing when they go on vacation. Team fic, Clint-whumpage, Bromance, family, no slash. follow as Dean protects Sam and Deans best friend protects then. If he's lucky, the freak will be killed in a back alley somewhere. Harrys having the usual bad summer witth the Dursleys until he messes up a spell which turns him into a panther cub but thats not the worst of it oh no the dursleys sell him to a magical pets store where he gets bought by - warnings inside Dumbledore visited Harry at the Dursleys to deliver his Hogwarts letter, rather than leave it to fate. After suffering through a personal tragedy, Clark finds himself alone, distressed, and searching for someone to help him through it all. * -Based around the events of the Season Two episode "Ryan"-The smallest gestures can hold the most meaning and the humblest of victories can mean everything. He winds up learning much more than Castiel had intended. Happens during Prisoner of Azkaban when the student are sleeping in the Great Hall. Rated T because of language Written for a prompt on LJ: Raven visits Erik as Charles and tells him to meet "him" in Charles' room for sex. It's what defines every movement he makes; every word he utters; every breath he takes.

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