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This would make the UAT more or less worthless, but seeing as how it really only costs you time if you get it from ST or you're already well enough along if you're running T7, not a great loss.

After that you should prioritize pieces based on what stats you want/are best for your class. (Well, technically, Oils cost 2 Blood Spattered Mark logs - these logs have a chance to drop from A and S rank hunt mobs, but otherwise can be bought for 250 Allied Seals each) Oils are also a guaranteed drop from turn 7 and turn 9 of the Second Coil of Bahamut (one per week from each).First off I'd highly recommend giving our wiki & FAQs a read if you haven't already.Also don't forget to try searching the subreddit as well and see if your question was already answered.It's last update (according to the homepage) was in March.The method it uses to get its information is also somewhat unreliable in the long term, since it's very slow. Queues for Duty Finder are pulled from your entire datacenter, so choosing a world will be entirely dependent upon who convinces you to come to their server or if you know anyone on another server.I kept getting tricked by rolling on stuff on the fights earlier only to regret that in the end. Both can drop at the same time though (but obviously any one person can only get one or the other). I say "tricked" because the first couple of times I did it I thought "oh, that's some real powerful gear, I should roll on that" then when I started to read up on what the potential drops were it hit me that I shouldn't be rolling on some of that stuff. After reading the responses I was dumb to roll on a DRG belt that would possibly be helpful when a UAT popped at the end and I couldn't roll. Unless you had access to an i90 overmelded crafted belt or the HA belt, getting the ST belt is pretty much your best option. I'm going to get all my good gear from hunts and dungeons anyway, what would I craft?It will take time but you will need all of the upgrades eventually. So then it comes down to, roll on the belt that has already dropped and is definitely helpful for you, or pass it, wait until the end, HOPE that a UAT/Oil drops, and then if it does drop, HOPE that your roll wins it - honestly, I'd take the belt every time in that situation. I have guildmates that can meld my materia for me, so is there literally no reason for me to pick up a craft? I am working on getting all maxed tho because I can see in expansion, end game gear will be crazy hard to get and crafted gear will be superior for a bit. Gil making is one...though to level any of them up to 50 (when it becomes profitable) can cost a small fortune.If you need the i100 weapon immediately for raids or gear checks, go ahead and buy it.No: if you're currently in the process of upgrading your relic to Novus, and you can afford to spend the time required to get it without necessarily needing an i100 weapon..sure, use your soldiery on gear upgrades instead.You can buy i90 gear with it or you can buy Blood-hunt logs or Alex.Oils and Sands are used to upgrade the Soldiery gear to i110 (Oil for right-side, Sands for left-side & weapon). It is used to buy a i100 weapon that can be upgraded to i110 using Sands.For the vast majority of players, a Novus weapon will take much longer than that.Yes: if you're currently in the process of upgrading your relic to Novus, it's going to take a hell of a long time.Seems like somewhat a waste of soldiery to spend it on another weapon if you already intending to upgrade your zenith and going through the process.Even if you're going to continue to upgrade the relic, the i110 soldiery weapon is (now) easily attainable in three weeks tops.

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Online dating no longer has the stigma it used to, and with our busy lives today, it is a great way to meet someone no matter what you are looking for.

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Soon after several hours of club creeping and going for membership to team, you may come home vacant given, and your finances might feel less heavy than usual.

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I think you made a wise Submitted by Sue99 on April 18, dating a scared man 7: Do your best to keep a Submitted by Sandra on September 16, - 9: It's fun being so in control and yet so lonely but the alternative as a HSP is heart-wrenching.

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If you want to be who you once were, isn't that in essence the equasion of the past with the future?