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The bakelite case is identical to the more simple one displayed in the MERIDIAN article (above). - Marching compasses: Bzard, Busch, Doignon, Cruchon & Emons, MORDAN, Plan, RECTA, SILVA, "S" (C. PROFILE : British compass type (see also Mark 1, 2 etc.) which was also in use in the French Army (see F. The original version signed Sss Nndor and dated 1930 featured the characteristic dry needle with its disk-shaped south end.

Technical Data - Dim.: 65 x 65 x 25 mm - Graduation: 360 clockwise - Weight: 88 g - Clinometer: /- 90, bubble level The cover/mirror can be secured by a screw and activates the transit lock. BARKER & Son) Mark III models were built in Australia during WWII and also from 1966 onwards in Australia by J. The later versions featured a fluid-dampened needle.

We don't know which kind of relationship existed between NIFE and A/B Lyth.

It was also built in a different version (with mirror in the lid) by SILVA.

The North's red mark is exactly located on the figure 63. - Dimensions: 70 x 68 x 20mm - Weight: 210gr - Serial no.: 44 PROFILE - Raffaelo Nistri (read OMI in Aero Compases) was an Italian engineer. PROFILE - NV Ltd OBSERVATOR was a Dutch manufacturer located in Rotterdam, created in 1924, bought by Kelvin Hughes in 1996 (read in WIKIPEDIA: John Lilley & Gillie).

They produced also other instruments like sextants and ships compasses (see this category).

Technical Data - Diameter: 50 mm - Height : 20 mm - Weight: 120 gr - Capsule: soft plastic - Divisions: 400 grades (was also available with 360 deg. It was also used in Belgium's Army and Gendarmerie units from ... Its dial features a fixed black marching arrow like on the WWI pocket compasses made by MORIN and LUFFT (see these categories). The 1st bakelite case (supplied by Baldon located in Bezons) was presented for acceptation on Dec. Later, in the These compasses had depending on the client's choice a 400 grades, 360 deg.

graduation - Colour: black or military green painted case Note: this prismatic instrument is a very simple imitation of the famous british Mk III compasses. 2013) who had inherited the company from his father Fritz Miller in 1951 could not remember having seen items marked like this one. Mirror compasses usually have like the prismatic compasses a double row of divisions on their card: one is printed in normal figures so that angle values can be read with the naked eye directly from above through the crystal. Technical Data - Material: aluminum - Dimensions: 750 x 60 x 17 mm - Weight: 100 gr - External markings: . or a 6400 MILS division but were all delivered with a conversion table stowed in a slot between the capsule and the transparent case body. below the scales D (degrees), G (grades) and M (Mils) plus a 50 mm ruler.

because it infringed the rights of their own patent (Swiss no. Niedermann's solution was described in 1943 in a new patent (no. It was superseded by the model M-1950 built by many companies (list: see Lensatic) and still in use today. The original and quite heavy version described here was based on the design of the DOLLOND compass described in a 1926 F. It was issued to very few units and replaced during WW2 by a light-weight version (see Superior Magneto and Gurley).The chapter ring was flat and could be rotated by hand by means of two tabs located at 90 (E) and 270 (W) deg. Below: View of the card's divisions through the side window. ) - Casing date: 1944 - Material: brass, traces of black paint Model ME 502 - Mk II Technical Data - Dim. in Czech language) who produced in the 1930's-40's a Bzard-type compass.At each end of the vertical black line is a small arrowhead of radium paint. & weight: see above - Divisions: 3 mils on a flat card, 360 on the (concealed) old ring and the upper new ring - The design date (1944) has no significance on these modernised versions. The same instrument was also produced by ŠP (before this company was taken over by MEOPTA? This company's confidential manufacturer code during the communist era was Technical Data - Dimensions: 80 x 52 x 20mm - Divisions: 360 deg., clockwise - Cardinals: read Miscellaneous / Cardinal points / Czech - Side ruler: 70mm - Weight: 75gr - Dial and needle: Bzard-type - Materials: Casing made of bakelite, lid and mirror made of steel - Markings: MEOPTA (logo) Made in Czechoslovakia PROFILE - Former Swiss company located in Ettingen (for more information click HERE). Technical Data: see BARKER - MK III ( The compass type called Modle 1922 was utilized within the French Army and Gendarmerie (road police) from its start shortly after WW I as a successor for the boussole directrice utilized by the infantrymen. ) in the instructions manuals for infantrymen (Manuel du grad d'infanterie - see picture at right - click to enlarge). This designation applies to a compass system with several designs.For training purposes, the Army used a fold-out guide with a dummy compass. Low tech military compass made in India when it was part of the British Empire.This instrument features all typical characteristics of the small Bzard-type compass (model "I", w/o mirror).It was obviously manufactured in a german-speaking country (D, A or CH).- Ruler: none - Marking (rear face): MILLER INNSBRUCK PROFILE - This instrument is the only one we know of featuring an entirely black card (compare with Stinger). Barker & Son for the Indian Army (Still under British rule). The older models (before 1939) featured divisions with the zero facing south (for details, go to the Technical Data), a brass capsule casing and lid while the later ones are much lighter: capsule casing and lid are made of aluminum.The dial was also sold in the UK, but wasn't a popular design. Barker & Son developed something that didn't sell well in the UK they managed to sell it to the British Army in India. Shape and material of the attachment rings are also different. attachment loop: aluminum (partly egg-shaped) - Inscriptions on casing base: . Serial no.: 954557 - No more luminous paper arrow inside the lid PROFILE - S. See also exhibits made by French Limited (F-L) and Ed.228.002): the adaption of the capsule's volume to the variations caused by pression and temperature changes was ensured by the side walls and not by the base or the top glass (s. PROFILE - NIFE is the name of a Swedish-owned company that made Nickel Iron (Ni-Fe) batteries in the 20s and 30s in England.We were told by a SILVA representative that this compass type was made by a company called A/B Lyth, and based on a design by Gunnar Tillander.PROFILE - Former British Company (for more information click HERE) N & Z built large instruments for ships.A Verner's pattern Mk IV prismatic compass like the next item (Newton & Co.) but bearing N & Z 's signature is also known. was a British manufacturer (more information HERE).

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But one issue which my audience, which is overwhelming populated by female millennials, find hard to grasp is that despite the rise of feminism in the West our mating behaviour is stubbornly stuck in the past.

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Herpes social groups often use terms like “Friends” as in “Bay Area Friends” or “H2O” as in “DC H2O” or “H Club” as in “Atlanta H Club.” Herpes Support Groups Bay Area Friends (San Francisco, CA) - Meetup Area Friends1/ Bay Area Friends (BAF) is a PRIVATE social group for people with genital herpes (HSV-1, HSV-2) who live in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Herpes Support Groups | Bay Area Friends Jun 2, 2014 - In addition to social events all over the San Francisco Bay Area, Bay Area Friends offers a local in-person Herpes Support Group every other ...

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Note that in case you have a corrupted file – due to the download of SD package wasn’t completed properly for example – you might have to remove SD package manually, as Kodi keeps downloaded packages in cache.

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To bardzo ważne przy imporcie nawozów sprzedawanych jako kreda a nie będących kredą.