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Once they left, I told Amy I was really sore, and wanted to jump in the Jacuzzi. I don’t have to tell you have sexy Amy looked in her bikini. I was particularly thrilled because the bubbles would block my uncontrollable erections.

And in the walk over, the cold from outside made her nipples harden right up.

I watched as she stuck one of her little fingers into her tight little virgin pussy.

“Give it to me babe.” And with that, I started to pound Mary, ramming my hard cock into her causing short and interrupted squeals of pleasure to burst from that little mouth of hers. “Why don’t you pull one of those titties out, show him some nip! It looked so delicious in the steam of the hot tub. I told her to get up and sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi. Now, leave your tits out, but slide one of your hands down onto your pussy…No under the bikini…” She did. My folks couldn’t keep their hands off each other all day, and when we got back, they said they were showing and then going up to the lodge to have a cocktail. Amy and I were told to fend for ourselves for dinner and entertainment. We got on our suits, stole a couple bottles of wine from the fridge and made our way to the Jacuzzi. I snapped a couple photos on my phone, pocketed those for later usage, and began to wake up my baby with a little pussy licking. She had the sweetest tasting pussy you’d ever tasted. She caught me looking and said, “Hey pervert, eyes forward! She sat there, seemingly uncomfortable, and then I grabbed my erection and slowly pumped at it. But usually she’s stroking my cock and sucking it.” “Oh god” my sister exhaled as she stuck a finger up her pussy. “You’re just saying that because you’re horny.” “No, I’m really not. We sat in the tub for another minute or so masturbating, not saying anything, but studying each other’s bodies. On my way down into the snow, I caught my fall by grabbing the windowsill. Not checking if she had heard, I pulled up my shorts and ran back into the house. “I’m sure with a body like yours, you’ve got all the guys in your class after you.” She blushed. I took off my jacket and boots and ran into my bed. “Just some pics and videos of her fingering herself, moaning.” There was a long silence, as I’m sure she was ready to hear something so graphic come out of her brother’s mouth. She moaned in a mutually shared orgasm, and we fell on top of each other, sweaty and satisfied. NIGHT 1 So there we were, Mom and Dad and me and my sister, Amy. Her and I were close, but only in a sibling kind of way. There was a master bedroom and a kid’s room with two queen beds. “Relax, I know you and Mary have sex, I’ve heard you guys before in your room. ” “Well we are only separated by a thin wall Mike…it’s not like I had a choice…” “…sorry.” “Don’t be, it’s fine. ” Thinking about my sister losing her virginity sparked a bit of sexual curiosity and I felt my cock twitch. She likes it much more than my finger…but not as much as my cock.” “Oh” she said. She wrapped her hair up in a top bun and leaned her head back over the edge of the tub. ” “No, not yet.” “You should” I said, “Guys like to get those. Maybe the more blatant approach is the best way.” “Nothing hotter than a sexy bikini pic. I wouldn’t have ever really considered us “friends”, but I was always there for her whenever she needed anything. Amy and I took our stuff into that room and unpacked it. ” “Not really.” “Do you just want to go off and sext Mary? Who knows, maybe you’ll be listening to me one day soon.” “You’re 14…” “So? “Well, just make sure it’s with the right guy.” I said. Maybe I’ll send him pics of HIS creampie in ME” she said with a giggle. She took her hands and placed them on the strings of her top and gently pulled them apart, stretching out her back and shoulders. “I don’t know, maybe.” Amy starting taking very sizable chugs from the bottle. I was worried her family might wake up and hear us. It’s not that weird.” Nervous, she thought about it and then said, “I guess…” With that, I handed her her phone that was sitting on the side of the Jacuzzi. It took everything in me not to jump over and start sucking on it. “Ok, pull your bikini top wide open, pull them both out. “Now why don’t you pull your bottom to the side and show him your pussy lips.” That was apparently too far for her. I picked her up and flipped her onto her hands and knees. “Here you go.” She reluctantly grabbed it and took a selfie of her, innocently gesturing toward her boob with a kissie face. She was dead asleep, and so I pulled the covers down, slid down her panties and pulled them off. I lifted her shirt to show her tiny but perky little tits.

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